Tips To Prevent the Signs of Ageing and Make You Look Younger


Everyone wants to have youthful and attractive skin. This is not always easy. Your skin ages naturally. It will develop lines and wrinkles over time. Fortunately, you can do something to slow down the process. Several tips will help you to fight the signs of ageing and look younger every day.





Use Sunscreen When Going Out

The sun is one of the most damaging elements you will encounter during the day. It can slowly age your skin and deepen the lines around your eyes, nose and mouth. Too much sun can age you quickly.

70129_story__SUNSCREENYou need to wear sunscreen on your face and neck when going outside. Use a sunscreen that provides protection against ultraviolet light. This will slow down any signs of ageing and protect your skin.


Moisturise Your Face and Neck

Moisturise your face and neck every night. Many of the small signs of ageing that are unavoidable become more pronounced if your skin is dry. Use a moisturiser that contains vitamins and antioxidants. Moisturisers keep your skin looking bright, supple and healthy. Be sure to use moisturisers after swimming and exercising to maintain young-looking skin all day long.


Avoid Heavy or Powder-Based Foundations

Some people think that heavy foundation will help to hide lines and wrinkles. This is not true. Heavy or powder-based foundations will actually create ridges around wrinkles that make them more noticeable. The foundation can also do permanent damage over time. You want to use the lightest liquid foundation possible. It is a better idea to simply avoid foundation altogether.


Contour Your Jawline

A narrow V-shaped jawline can make your face look younger. You can actually contour your face with V Shape Facetherapy. This is a non-invasive procedure using ultrasound and other facial treatments to sculpt your jawline so that it looks tight, smooth and sharp. Contouring your jawline with this treatment takes very little time and can provide fast results.




Use Light Coloured Lipstick

Dark coloured lipstick tends to highlight the lines around your lips. It can also make them look very thin. You want to use light coloured lipsticks for a younger appearance. The colour of the lipstick should be just a small amount darker than your natural lip colour. This will highlight your lips without drawing attention to lines and wrinkles.



Stay Hydrated All Day Long

Your skin needs water in order to remain looking young. This means you must stay hydrated all day long. If you do not drink enough water, then your skin will take on a gaunt, dry and unattractive appearance. This is because your body cannot maintain the collagen under the skin. Drink water all throughout the day. Try to drink water and not beverages containing caffeine or processed sugars.


Avoid Standing In Front Of Heat Sources

You actually encounter a number of heat sources throughout the year. You might end up standing or sitting in front of a heating vent or fireplace. Your hair dryer puts out hot and dry air that hits your face. You might even spend time in front of a hot oven. Avoid these heat sources. They dry out your skin and make it far more difficult for your body to generate new collagen.


Get Enough Sleep Every Night

Sleep is very important for slowing the signs of ageing and for looking younger every day. The time while you are sleeping is when your body rejuvenates and repairs your skin. If you are getting too little sleep, then your skin is going to be noticeably unhealthy looking. Get between seven and eight hours of sleep every night.

You need to constantly protect your skin from ultraviolet light and other environmental factors that can damage the cells. You also want to use proven treatments that can help to sculpt your face or restore collagen. Being proactive can help you to fight the signs of ageing and maintain a youthful appearance every day.

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The Art of Buying 2nd Hand Vehicles


Buying a car is a tedious ordeal in itself, even more so if you are trying to buy a 2nd hand car. Why is it even more so complex, one may ask? Considering that it has been used by its first buyer, you never know the exact conditions of the vehicle until you drive it or at least check what’s under the hood. Thus, buying a 2nd hand vehicle requires a more meticulous approach.



Avoid Depreciation

Anyone who has ever planned to buy a car knows that the purchase depreciates in value as soon as it is driven off the lot. In the first 2 years of owning the vehicle, it loses around 30 percent of its original cost. If you decide to sell the vehicle a few years following its purchase, you will lose substantially more cash during the resale than if you had bought the vehicle used.



U save a lot by buying 2nd hand car instead of new car.


Cost Advantages

If depreciation is the downside to buying a brand new vehicle, it’s actually the upside to buying a 2nd hand. The price difference between a brand new and 2nd hand vehicle is actually insignificant. Buyers of brand new vehicles are paying 30 percent more in markup than what they actually need to. To maximize savings, you can buy older vehicle makes that have more miles on them.



Buying 2nd hand vehicle is much more cheaper which give you more option to choose.


Wider Range of Options

2nd hand cars are generally cheaper than brand new ones hence effectively widening the options of cars you can buy. Rather than get stuck with a few choices, you can buy luxury sedans and sports cars you’ve been dreaming of for years.



You can get minimum insurance coverage on your 2nd hand vehicle.



Buying an older car make and model can save you money on costly monthly premiums. You can get the minimum insurance coverage required by the state instead of comprehensive coverage that apparently costs more.



You could buy 2nd hand car from dealership or private seller, it is up to your choice.


Where To Buy?

You can buy a 2nd hand car from two possible sellers – a car dealership or a private owner. Each option has its own pros and cons to think about. For instance, buying from a private owner usually leads to better deals. In addition, negotiating is less intimidating with a private owner since you’re talking with the seller on a personal level rather than an entire business.


Tips How To Buy Used Car



Dealerships, on the other hand, have a Certified Pre-Owned Program, which puts the vehicle through extensive mechanical assessment and cosmetic inspection prior displaying it on their garage. Dealerships also often try to sweeten their deals by offering extra services for free.
Bottom line when buying a 2nd hand vehicle, perform rigorous inspections and test drive the car before making any final decision. If your knowledge of cars is limited, it is best to bring someone with you to inspect the car. When test driving it, try different terrains and weather conditions to see how the vehicle fairs on the road. Sure it might work smooth on neighborhood streets. But how does it perform on gravel or snow?

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How to Get to Langkawi Island, Malaysia


Langkawi Island is one of Asia’s most beautiful tourist destinations. Getting there is easy, and visitors can travel by plane, bus, train, automobile and ferry.

Getting to Langkawi Island by Plane

One of the easiest ways to get to Langkawi Island is by plane. Three local airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Air Asia and Silk Air all have flights to the island. Both Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia offer flights daily to the island. Both airlines’ flights originate in Kuala Lumpur. Travelers arriving from cities like Taipei, London and Osaka are able to get a connection to Malaysian Airlines from other parts of Asia or parts of Europe. Silk Air offers flights from Singapore, making air travel to Langkawi that much easier. Air Asia offers extremely affordable flights to Langkawi Island, so getting there is inexpensive and easy.



Traveling over the 125-meter sky bridge is the only way to access the island by land.


Taking Transnational Buses

Buses travel to Langkawi Island, traveling over the 125-meter sky bridge—the only way to access the island by land. Buses run from Singapore, Johor and Kuala Lumpur. Buses also run daily from Alor Setar and Kuala Kedah. This is one of the most popular and affordable ways to get to Langkawi Island. With buses running every day, buying a bus ticket to Langkawi is easier than nabbing a cheap plane or train ticket or even getting to the island by driving or ferry. Buses are extremely comfortable, allowing guests to sit back and relax on their journey to this beautiful island.



Relax while travelling to Langkawi by train.


Trains that go to Langkawi Island

Another great way to get to Langkawi is by train. Visitors can settle down for a long journey from Singapore by way of the Keretapi Tanah Melayu railway. Visitors must transfer in Kuala Lumpur. They can then sit back and relax for the journal to the Kuala Kedah Jetty Terminal or the Arau to Kuala Perlis Ferry. Visitors must then take a taxi to the main tourist parts of the island. Since so many taxis and transfers are involved, this option is not as convenient as the bus. The exchanges and taxis take up much more time than the straight bus ride would take, and the fares for the taxis and ferries can add up.



Drive to jetty terminal and retrieve your car when it reach Langkawi.


Driving to the Island

For visitors who have access to a car, driving to the island is another option. To get to Langkawi, visitors must drive to the Jetty Terminal to reach the ferry in Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis. These terminals are easy to reach by Johor and Singapore. Bringing a vehicle over to the island can be expensive and time consuming. It generally takes one night for the vehicle to cross, so visitors must return to retrieve the vehicle the day after they arrive.



Ferry is a scenic way for visitors arriving by train or car. (45 minute ride) 


Taking a Ferry to Langkawi

For visitors arriving by train or car, a ferry is a scenic way to reach Langkawi. Since ferries run every day at 45-minute increments, they are convenient and easy to catch. Ferries run from K. Perlis, K. Kedah, Satun and Penang. Between two and three trips are made daily from Satun and Penang, so visitors must plan accordingly.

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Important Points to Consider Before Sending Your Child to Boarding School


Boarding schools are one of the more distinctive options for education available today. These schools house children on the same campus where they learn. The schools provide comprehensive academic courses for students. Boarding schools are not for everyone, however. You should consider a few important points if you are thinking about sending your child to a boarding school.


Supportive and Skilled Teachers

Something positive about boarding schools is that they have supportive and skilled teachers who are dedicated to education. This is not always the case in other types of schools. The staff is carefully selected so that only the most qualified individuals are brought into the school. This means you child will receive the best education possible. It also means your child will receive individual attention both inside and outside of classes.


Separation from Family and Friends

An important point to consider is that your child will be separated from friends and family while at a boarding school. Your child is going to be living at the school or on the campus for the duration of classes. This can be hard on some younger children. It can also be stressful for parents who will not have the ability to constantly supervise a child. You need to carefully consider whether your child can handle the separation.


Structured Learning Environment

A benefit of sending your child to a boarding school in Malaysia is the structured learning environment on the campus. Your child will adhere to a schedule every day that integrates learning, study time and other personal activities. This allows the instructors and other staff to create immersive lesson plans to reinforce the understanding of different concepts. A highly structured learning environment will benefit nearly any student.


Learning Environment



Potential Problems with Other Students

A potential drawback of board schools is that other students might cause problems. Some of the students might have emotional or behavioral issues. This means a few problematic students could disrupt classes or make studying harder for your child. These troubled students could even start fights or try to bully people living at the boarding school at all hours of the day and night.


Better Academic Opportunities

It is important to consider that a boarding school in Malaysia offers students better academic opportunities than most other options. Your child will have a wider selection of classes to choose from at the school. This allows your child to focus on personal interests and strengths. Extracurricular activities like sports and clubs are available. Attending a quality boarding school also makes it easier for your child to get into other learning institutions later.



Strict Rules Are Not For Every Child

Something to think about is that boarding schools enforce strict rules to maintain a supportive, positive and safe environment for everyone. Students who break the rules can be punished with disciplinary action. Some students who repeatedly break the rules are actually expelled from the boarding school. You want to consider whether your child is going to be able to follow these strict rules and respect the staff.


Build Social Skills

A final advantage of boarding schools is that they allow your child to build important social skills. Your child will be around a community of students, teachers and other professionals every hour of every day. This will teach your child how to get along with others, how to resolve conflicts amicably and how to work with people on a daily basis. These social skills can give your child an edge later in higher education and in the workforce.


Social Skill

Whether a boarding school is right for your child is something you need to carefully consider. You must look at everything from the qualifications of the boarding school to the personality and abilities of your child. Boarding schools can provide an exceptional education and a unique experience for the right children.

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Get Out of the Box for Weight Loss and Obesity

The United States is experiencing an epidemic that has taken toll on more than 40 percent of adults. This epidemic namely obesity is responsible for increasing the incidence of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. For the first time in the history of the nation, the disease is occurring in teens and children as well. Obesity has surpassed tobacco as the number one cause of preventable death. It is time for a revolutionary approach to weight loss – through healthy diet and exercise.





The Real Reason for Obesity

People have been told that their obesity problem could easily be solved if they could count the number of calories, protein fat and carbohydrates they ingest. The truth is, some people are affected more than others when it comes to obesity due to several reasons. One such factors is their ability to store fat instead of burning it. This does not conform to simple calories counting or other conventional methods. It is time to get out of the box and recognize what is really wrong with the system. Maybe it’s carbohydrate sensitivity, or hormonal imbalance. Maybe it is the impaired liver detoxification or food hypersensitivities. Nevertheless, it is important that one seek help in diagnosing and successfully treating the real contributors to obesity.





Treatments for Obesity

If you are obese, you belong to one of the categories that are classified as metabolically impaired groups. In each of these groups, you will learn that it is not just the total number of calories but the type of calories that is critical in determining what food you need. There are many treatments once this diagnosis is done. The key to understanding and treating obesity is to think outside the box by targeting individual for the treatment rather than the condition. The focus here is on comprehending the mechanisms responsible for maintaining a healthy body weight. From the functional medicine perspective, every patient is recognized as having a unique biochemical and genetic structure. Simply stated, in this approach there will never be just one diet, one natural supplement or pill that will address all the weight concerns. Instead, each biochemical individuality is acknowledged and addressed. Please go to London Weight Management for more information.


New treatment used to help people with obesity


Another factor to consider while treating an individual for weight loss is to see how different foods can interact with specific genes. The theme is that an individual’s genetic makeup is in co-relation with the influence of diet on health.

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