Why We Love the World of Warcraft Movie (And You Should, Too!)



First released in 2004, the World of Warcraft game quickly grew to become the biggest massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG, of all time. At one point, the game boasted over 10 million concurrent subscriptions, so it’s likely you or someone you knew was playing “WoW.” It should come as no surprise that with something this popular, there is a movie to go with it. First announced in 2006, the “World of Warcraft” movie has been years in the making. Many detractors thought it would never see the light of day, but now it’s officially happening in 2016.

2859464-wowA Blend of CGI and Real Life

One of the biggest worries that fans of “WoW” have had was how the game would translate to the screen. After all, the humans’ biggest enemies, the brutal and fierce orc tribes, are unlike anything seen in the real world. To accurately capture the look and feel of the orc race, computer generated graphics, or CGI, was chosen due to their ability to render large armies of orcs at one time. The result is stunning, with the juxtaposition of orcs and humans working perfectly; in fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to tell what is computer generated and what is real!

Warcraft-Movie-OrcAn Expertly Crafted Story

It doesn’t matter how good the visuals look if the story falls flat on his face. The game weaves a dense tapestry of legends and tales into one overarching story that has unfolded over the last 10 years, which newcomers find difficult to get into. For the “World of Warcraft” movie, Legendary Pictures has wisely tapped Chris Metzen, senior vice president and writer on the game, to create a story that “Warcraft” veterans will love and newcomers will find easy to digest. Metzen has done this by going back to where it all started, recreating the first time the humans and orcs ever meet while adding a new twist to the proceedings. Even if you’re very familiar with the story of the original “Warcraft” game, Metzen has a few surprises in store for you.

WoW-An All-Star Cast

Making a good video game to feature film adaptation is reliant on three things: great visuals, an amazing story and a star-studded cast. We know that “World of Warcraft” has two of those three already, but you’ll be happy to know that it also features a cast of some of the best actors and actress Hollywood has to offer. Veterans like Clancy Brown and Daniel Wu team up with newcomers like Travis Fimmel and Paula Patton, whom you may remember for her role as Jane Carter on “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.”

warcraft-movie-poster-durotanPotential Movie of the Year

Releasing in June 2016, the “World of Warcraft” film has been over ten years in the making, but it looks to be worth the wait. Whether you’re a fan of the World of Warcraft game, a fantasy buff or just a moviegoer who loves a good story, you’ll definitely want to check out this film when it releases. If you want to check out the game before diving into the movie, you’ll find everything you need at SEA Gamer Mall, such as time cards, power-leveling services and gold.

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“Warcraft” Didn’t Have to Build an Epic, It Had to Tame One

World of WarcraftFor the past few years, as the World of Warcraft game firmly established its lasting power worldwide, its inevitable film adaptation was kept carefully hidden away.

There were a host of rumors, of course, going back to 2006 when Blizzard and Legendary Pictures first announced that they would be producing the film together. However, this was 3 years before Avatar would prove the viability of the virtual filmmaking required to bring Azeroth to life.

Not only that, the fortunes of Blizzard and Legendary Pictures were still very much on the rise. WoW (the game) had become one of the most profitable properties around, and taking 10 years to actually release a companion film is a perfect indication of the care and protectiveness Blizzard feels towards the brand.

Somewhat infamously, notorious director Uwe Boll proposed his own take on the property. He was politely but firmly rejected. Many videogames benefit from *any* expansion of their brand, a fact which Boll had used to run a series of bizarre experiments on the fans of “House of the Dead,” “Bloodrayne,” “Postal,” “Alone in the Dark,” and “Far Cry.” Yet these were games that were mostly sitting in the clearance bin at Wal-Mart by the time Boll took hold. WoW was a worldwide phenomenon drawing over a *billion dollars a year.* Blizzard had all the motivation needed to get this film right.

Slowly, the pieces came together. In late 2013, Blizzard announced that Duncan Jones had been signed on as director. Considering this was the man who created the nerd-cred watermark “Moon,” fans were optimistic. But the shroud of secrecy remained. Was it going to be a fully virtual production? How would they translate the sprawling geography and history of the World of Warcraft game into a 2+ hour film?

This seems to be where waiting has paid off for Blizzard and Legendary. Pre-production was already in motion by the time Jones was signed, but now it would be ramped up. Complicating this was the fact that an entire virtual world already served as the foundation.

On one hand, the wealth of content meant that whatever story told would have a built-in richness to it. On the other, that content had already been absorbed by a massive and passionate fan-base. The challenge wasn’t crafting a world from scratch, but in discovering what that world meant to the audience. Blizzard was unwilling to make a bad film, as that could jeopardize its game world. But that didn’t mean they understood what a good film would even look like.

Apparently, Duncan Jones did understand. Filming took place from January to May, 2014. A massive shoot, with a generous 20 months of post-production to achieve all the exotic visuals. Word from the set describes a compelling mixture of practical sets and effects, with a variety of modern techniques to bind it all together with the fantastical CG elements.

Considering the wild, unique world presented in the trailer, the time and effort seem to be paying off.

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Benefits of attending a boarding school

When some children hear “boarding school” their minds become immediately flooded with negative images such as mean teachers and corporal discipline methods. These images are imbedded in the child’s mind due to television. These schools can actually become a pleasant environment that is enjoyed by students and that offers a number of benefits.

Teachershappy teaching with students in British international school in Malaysia

Unlike the teachers that are portrayed in various movies and televisions shows, the teachers employed at these facilities tend to be warmer toward students and are highly qualified. Children with these types of teachers can expect to receive patience and motivation to do better from their instructors. There are no paddles to fear when students get out of hand. The teachers will more than likely have a conversation with the pupil to help him or her to get back on the right track.


happy studying in British international school in MalaysiaMake more friends

The classrooms in public schools sometimes can be filled with 20 to 30 students. This high number of students may intimidate individuals from conversing with one another or being sociable. These schools are known to have smaller classrooms which can provide assistance when trying to make new friends.



Preparations for university attendance

In addition to providing children with warm teachers and an atmosphere where it is easy to make friends. These establishments help to prepare them for university life. Some students have hard times making a transition into university life because they have never been away from home or their parents. Students at boarding schools are accustomed to this life and are able to adjust easily and better. Right away they will be able to focus on their studies instead of concentrating on how they will manage away from home.

It can inspire you

British international school is a new territory for kids. The main target of British international school in Malaysia is to provide a scenery change that enhances one’s imagination. Also, the staff members at many of these schools encourage new ventures and treading on unfamiliar territory. These territories could be meeting new people, trying different activities, or even learning new skills.

Encourages Maturitypresentations in international boarding school life

Being away from home means that parents and/or siblings are not able to fight your battles for you or solve your problems. While away at such an establishment, if you are involved in a conflict then you makes take the initiative to resolve the conflict. This can be accomplished by going to certain authoritative figures for assistance or even creating a solution on your own. Solving your own conflicts and situations will help to provide a sense of maturity that you can continue to develop over the years. With these skills you will be ready to handle a lot of the situations that reality can throw at you with no problem.


Increased chances at getting into competitive universities

Boarding schools tend to have a high standard curriculum. The included coursework helps to push students and help them become more academically prepared for top universities. Also, the college advisors at British International schools take their role very serious and help to aid students in getting accepted in top ranked universities.

British international school in Malaysia with friends


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Is Your Body Scrub Too Harsh? Ways to Find Out


The purpose of using anybody scrub is to clean off the dead cells that accumulate over time, improve circulation and boost your energy. However, certain scrubs produce an adverse reaction in some people, which is counter-productive. The best body scrubs will always stimulate blood circulation, reduce ingrown hairs and prevent acne. When you are investigating any method to exfoliate the skin, keep these following concepts in mind.


Exfoliating Products for Body

Body scrubs made from sea salt can be too harsh for people with extremely sensitive skin. Different people naturally react differently to the same product because of the significant differences in the condition of each person’s skin. The best indicator of a problem is the reaction from your skin. Common negative reactions include having outbreaks, red skin, irritation, rosacea and dryness. Harsh scrubs cause these reactions in people who have a natural pH that is affected by the product, but a different person may not experience this reaction at all.


If your skin is sensitive, you will probably not benefit from using any exfoliating product that contains walnut, apricot or other irritants. People with extremely sensitive skin may need to avoid exfoliating altogether unless the body scrub is extremely gentle. The best body scrubs will only contain ingredients that have a positive effect on your skin. Body scrubs made with rose hips or sweet almond oil can be used on sensitive skin, for example.


Different Skin Types

The pH balance of the skin determines the overall health of this critical area of your body. Anything that disturbs the natural pH balance can have an adverse effect on your general sense of health, and this includes exfoliating scrubs. The exfoliating process works well when excess skin cells are removed from the surface of your body, which can make you feel refreshed and cleansed. It can also improve circulation in the skin, prevent clogged pores and reduce wrinkling.


Knowing your type of skin will help you decide if your body scrub regimen is too harsh. Any scrub that strips the skin of its essential oils will exacerbate dry skin. Many scrubs are marketed as if the product is universally appropriate. However, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends that individuals suffering from extra dry skin should probably limit the amount of times they exfoliate the skin to only once per week.


Consumer Feedback

Reviews by people with similar conditions can be revealing, and this can help you to assess whether a particular body scrub might be appropriate for your skin type. If you suffer from a specific skin condition, you may be able to benefit from the experience of other people. Even if the body scrub is reviewed as being too harsh for a person suffering from rosacea, that same product might be perfectly acceptable for someone with moderately dry skin, for example. A good solution should also involve consulting a dermatologist to find an appropriate exfoliating product for your specific situation.


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Keeping a Diverse Gaming Portfolio

mmorpg_logoKeeping a diverse gaming portfolio can have multiple benefits, from allowing players to stay fresh and able for their main games and preventing burnout to keeping gamers aware of the latest trends and popular new games to be a part of, especially important if you are a part of the competitive gaming circuit. Staying abreast of what is happening in the latest gaming fashions and trends can give invaluable insight into what the next major MMORPG or platformer will be, which is certainly useful both for streaming gamers and for league tacticians.

gVendors like SEA Gamers Mall provides access to hundreds of games at competitive prices, giving discounts on bulk orders of W Coins and MOL Point conversion rates. They also provide access to the latest and greatest from developers like Aeria Games, including Aura Kingdom, Scarlet Blade, Heroes of Gaia, and many more. Branching out and trying new games, even on a new platform like mobile puzzle gaming when your mainstay is traditional PC MMORPGs, will provide you with a new perspective when you return to your preferred platform. This is especially useful if you have been stuck on a particular exp, points, or currency grinding expedition and will help refresh your mental state.

A diversified gaming portfolio will help keep you mentally charged and alert for whatever challenges you might face ahead, and should be as much considered an investment of time and money as your original preferred game of choice. Burning out on your favorite game is always a risk if it is the only one you ever play, and while practice and grinding will make you better in the long run, it can also become tedious and not nearly as enjoyable as it once was, putting you at risk for no longer wanting to play your favorite game at all. Trying various new casual games can be rewarding, even if only for the change of pace that comes with playing a new environment, learning a new setting, and familiarizing yourself with a new platform.

downloadAnother great reason for trying new games is that you might also find one you enjoy, and possibly love even as much your mainstay game! Hundreds of new titles are released each year across a multitude of platforms in what can be truly called the golden age of gaming, and most can be accessed incredibly easily online from reputable vendors. Again, sites like SEA Gamers Mall offer the preferred micro-currencies like W Coins and MOL Point conversion rates at competitive prices, providing access to multitudes of games. With so much great content being released regularly, like A.V.A. or Wolf Team from Aeria Games, it has never been easier to find a game that suits your interests and one you can truly engage in, and in this current era of game development, there is certainly a perfect game for you!

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